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Branding your product or service is vital to the survival of your business. Online Magazines and Blog advertising offers an excellent opportunity to advertise your business and gain exposure through an existing database of subscribers and loyalist at a minimal cost. 

Myra Wallace-Walker Over the years, this spiritually grounded powerhouse has received various awards for her savvy business adventures and comprehensive fashion background. Her ability to manage large scale projects with focus and passion landed her the position as the Executive Director for both the Los Angeles Black Business Expo and the West Coast Expo. In 2020, Myra took on the position as Executive Advisor for Westmason LLC, a tech company based in Orlando Florida and the parent company to mobile App MyOneOne. She is  co-owners of Build 2 Bless LLC, a Cincinnati based home renovation & design company. Myra’s most recent ventures include, Executive Director of Valor and Virtue Productions the parent company producing the highly successful Fashion At The Fountain Runway production which features 10 African American Designers, industry exposure to more than 50 black & brown models and business opportunities for more than 30 black owned businesses. Mrs. Walker’s gift to seamlessly blend the business of fashion with the art of business, clearly defines her as the consummate fashionpreneur. Her current business project is to provide a home for the many artisans of fashion located in the Midwest, to take their brand from concept to creation through the Midwest Apparel Creative Center (The MAC center) located in Cincinnati, OH. Myra believes that the boundaries of one’s greatness is determined by the stature of their thoughts; Trust God, Believe in Yourself, Dare to Dream BIG!  .


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Myra Wallace Collection

MKO Collection

The Myra Wallace Collection is the parent company of all her  collections. Each collection adresses the needs of a broad, yet specific group of customers, connected by a common thread of being overlooked or ignored then transformed to into  an eye catching piece of art. MWC  has a strategic approach for resolution to such issues. Through her diversified business model, Ms. Myra has created a new standard of doing business, in the world of fashion, beauty & decor. Shop Online and experience the luxe lifestyle at affordable prices.



Business Consultant 

Fashion Show Producer Motivational Speaker


Leadership Coach

If you have fail to plan, you can plan to fail. With more than 30 years of business under her belt Ms. Walker can help you develop a blueprint for your vision, be it a business, a fashion show or an event, allow this expert organizer to assist you in making your project  a success.


VALOR & VIRTUE Productions--A groundbreaking production company that Creates world-class consumer and industry projects that represent, celebrate, and capitalize upon the creative power and influence of primarily African- Americans operating in the Fashion & Apparel industry, thereby building Cincinnati into the fashion hub of the Midwest. ​

The MAC Center
Midwest Apparel Creative Center (MACC) is a dynamic and innovative small batch creative center specializing in apparel manufacturing, industry training, educational seminars, business development, creative workshops & Artist Development. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the heart of the Midwest, MACC is dedicated to empowering small-scale brands to turn their creative concepts into reality.

MyOneOne- Security Mobile App

A mobile App for the underserved providing a lifelene of security to the ones you love.

Build 2 Bless- Home Renovations and Interior Design.

We transform the overlooked to the overwhelming. We take the forgotten and create a living space to be remembered.